12: 12 : 17 Organic Compound Fertilizer
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Bio-s Bio-organic fertilizer is formulated based on the theory of "Balance Nitrogen Structure and Soil Fertility". It is a mixture of quality plant-based organic matters with effective micro-organism which is developed through advance technology.

Bio-S Bio-organic fertilizer which is a bio-degradable product hence enables to provide more balance nutrient and providing effective solutions to the soil nutrient imbalances thus enhancing soil fertility and higher quality of agricultural produces.

Organic 12 : 12 : 17 special formulation has the following characteristic and benefit :-

  • Enhancing formation of female flower (Pollen)
  • Minimizing the falling of flowers and fruits from stems
  • Increasing the yield of produce
  • Strengthening the plant resistance to diseases
  • Enhancing the quality of produces in term of size and weight of the fruits
  • Increasing the metabolic rate of plants
  • Effective micro-organism in the fertilizer helps the plant to strengthen and increase resistance to diseases
  • This formulation is best suited for oil-palm, rubber, cocoa, fruits, vwgetables, paddy & others.

Growth Stage Bio-S 12: 12 : 17
Oil Palm / Tree / 2-3 year 1.5 kg / Time
Oil Palm / Tree / 3-5 year 2 kg / Time
Oil Palm / Tree / 6 year above 3 kg / Time
Fruits Tree / Tree / Young Tree 0.15 kg - 0.4 kg
Rubber / Tree / New Shoot 1 kg / Time
Banana / Tree/ Mature Tree 0.35 kg- 0.5 kg
Durian / Tree / Mature Tree 3 kg - 4 kg

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