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Soil Tonic 专门治线虫病害及土壤消毒改良剂

Efficacy and Usage Manuals

Soil tonic is high alkaline fertilizer and 2 in 1 green pollution-free liquid fertilizer solution. It contains Nitrogen (N) elements and also contains (Ca) elements High alkaline is ability to improve the soil pH level. At the same time it can transfoming acidic soil with physical soil treatment and improvement of soil. And then the bad bacteria and disease can not be survives. And the components of soil tonic of Cyanamide and Dicyandiamide have disinfection, control the bacterial and insects effect. As well, Calcium (Ca) can increase plants resistance against diseases and strengthen the trunk and fruit cortex, so that the fruit are not susceptible to diseasese. The Nitrogen (N) can make the plant stronger and leaves more green and healthy. Soil tonic also contains ehtykene, it increase the formation of female flower and increase the yield of produces. In four season country such as New Zealand, ethylene is used in the early spring for flower induction such as kiwi, etc.

Beside the above efficacy, soil tonic also played an accelerated decomposition of soil organic matter. In the decomposition process, it provides more comprehensive nutrients to the plants, therefore it increase the productivity of the plant and increase farmers income.

Plants Desease Usage
Dragon Fruit Rot Diseases Cut off the rotten branch and than spray the soil tonic on the plant (mixed 100-120cc of soil tonic with 18Lt of water). Spray twice a week at the first 2 months, after that spray once a week or every other 10 days 1.
Night Shade, Pepper, etc Clubroot, dead leaves, rot disease, blight, yellow leaf disease and wither a) Mixed 40cc of soil tonic with 18Lt of water spray at the tree trunk and surrounding. Not spraying on the fruits and leaves. For best result, spray when the soil is pouring wet or after rainning.

b) Before transplant the seedling. Pouring wet the soil first after ride, than, mixed 1Lt of soil tonic with 200Lt of water, spray at ride. Transplant the seedling after 1 to 2 days. To prevent the invasion of

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