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General Black

Efficacy and Usage Manual

Genral Black is an alkaline, 2 in 1 green pollution-free fertilizer. It has more than 100 years of history and widely ysed by Japan, Western Europe and four season contries. It is a kind of fertilizer which have vitality. This is because General Black have special efficacy: Pesticides efficacy and fertilizer efficacy.

Fertilizer efficacy: In the decomposition process, it will produce the Cycnamide and Dicyandiamide. It improves the soil pH level. It has disinfection, antibacterial and insecticidal properties and helps increase plant resistance against diseases. At the same time, General Black is effective in prevention and treatment of vegetable and flowers diseases, such as blight, rot diseases, clubroot, wilts, split disease. At the same time it can effectively control soil pests and pathogens such as meloidogyne spp, fusarium diseases and etc. After improve the soil pH level and sterilization, the development of root will be improved and enhance.

Use as fertilizer - General Balck is a slow release N fertilizer., Its efficacy will be up to 90 days. In additional, General Black contains 20% of Calcium (Ca). It provides sufficient Calcium to the plant, especially for fruit cortex and increase plant resistance against diseases and spliting Besides this, General Black also contains traces of carbide which releases ethylene, that promotes the formation of female flowers and shorten the dormancy period for the plants. General Black also accelerates decomposition of soil organic matter. In the decomposition process, it releases nutrients to the plants, thus increasing the productivity of the plat and hence farmers' income.

Ho to Apply

Plants Desease Usage
Dragon Fruit Rot Diseases Cut off infected branches and then apply 300g of Genral Black on the plant. Apply once per 3 months if serious. Apply twice per year if slight.
Nigtshade, pepper, etc. Clubrootm dead leaves, rot disease, blight, yellow leaf disease and wither Apply 6-8g/sq meter of General Black during land preparations. Wet the soil and than cover. Leave for 14 days before cultivating to prevent the invasion of harmful bacteria and fungi.
Leafy Vegetables, Cauliflower Clubroot, yellow leaves, wilting and Nematode
Durian, Papaya, Mandarin, Banana, Lemon, Guava and others. Tree trunk gummosis, Phytophtora infections, yellow leaves, wilting, root rot, Nematode, Fusarium diseases Apply 300g-500g of Genaral Black on each plant. If serious, apply 500g for each plant at least 3 months. If slight apply 300g at least 2 months to prevent the disease harmful bacteria and pests. At the same time, it can be sterilization and increase the pH level.
Durian, Papaya, Mandarin, Banana, Lemon, Guava and others Tree trunk out of black juice, infected with the mushroom, yellow leaves, wither and root rot, Nematode, Fusarium disease Mixed 100cc of soil tonic with 18Lt of water.Spray at infected part and surrounding. The components of Cyanamide and Dicyandiamide have the effect to sterilization with immediately. Use once a week or twice a week. ** Don't spray at banana or papaya new buds**
Leaf Vegetables, Cauliflower Clubroot, yellow leaves, wither and Nematode SOil tonic is not suitable for top-dressing. This is due to the soil tonic release the nutruent is too rapid. And the DCD's heat (heat sterilization), so that the leaf vegetable will die. Soil tonic have grear effect to kill Nematodes and Fusarium. That's why must use after ridge. Mixed 90cc of soil tonic with 18Lt of water after the soil is pouring wet.

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